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Fortuna Esports, the organizer of the regional Balkan LoL league, has officially confirmed that following the successful agreement on the acquisition of a spot, we have secured a license to participate in the largest Esports league in the Balkans beginning next season.


We formed the League of Legends gaming squad, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first professional Esports team, six months ago in front of the IT company Ankora. Our primary goal, as previously stated, was to compete in the EBL, the most significant regional gaming tournament.


After a series of successful results we have achieved at domestic and international tournaments, the official news arrived from Fortuna Esports that we are the first Esports organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina that will compete in this prestigious tournament.


After fulfilling all the necessary conditions for participation, we took over the place and license in the league from the Romanian team Nexus.


The Esports Balkan League is part of Riot’s system of European regional competitions, the founder of the globally popular League of Legends game. The league consists of eight teams from the Balkans, which during the two-month league competition and playoffs, fight for a prize fund of 20,000 euros. After the grand final of the play-off part, which takes place in Belgrade, the best team continues its journey towards the title of European champion.

We enter the 11th season of the EBL Championship with the desire to present ourselves and prove ourselves in the best possible light.


The new season starts at the end of January, and you can follow the live broadcast through the Fortuna Esports YouTube channel and Sport Klub Esport TV.