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After great success with acquiring the license for the EBL with the League of Legends team, Ankora Gaming continues its journey with a new team in its organization. After the successful local tournament at the end of October Red Bull Campus Clutch, the API_GG (Ankora Player Initiative) secured the most successful team title in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The squad includes Omar Fattah ’’Omcii’’, Halid Frljak ’’Painsui’’, Danis Jusić ’’dandanis’’, Tarek A. Chahin ’’dababyyoda’’, and Omar Chahin ’’BRAPO’’, who will become an official representative for the Ankora Gaming organization in Valorant.


As a result, the Ankora Gaming Valorant squad becomes the first professional team from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Red Bull Campus Clutch is a global competition in which 10.000 students from more than 300 universities from over 50 countries worldwide participate. The BiH winners will represent our country at the world finals in December. It’s an opportunity to battle against the best university Valorant players in the world and become esports stars.


As the local tournament winner, they secured the ticket to the big world finals and a trip to Sao Paulo, where they will have the opportunity to fight for the title of world champions.


Hopefully, after the positive outcome in Brazil, the primary team objective is to devote as much time as possible to create a squad capable of competing at the EMEA level.