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Ankora Gaming to support Cyberwolves at Slovenia’s biggest eSports event

We are excited to announce that Ankora Gaming has been invited to attend the biggest eSports event in Slovenia, EPICENTER 21!

Our team was invited by the tournament organizers as an official guest at the tournament where we will be supporting our partners and Slovenia’s top gaming squad, Cyberwolves, at the event that will be held in Celje on August 27 and 28, 2022. 

Cyberwolves will be participating in several games at EPICENTER 21, among a number of other teams that will be competing at the event.


EPICENTER 21 will provide all visitors with an unprecedented experience not only in terms of gaming, but also information technology. In addition to competitions and LAN parties, watching games on large projections, musical performances, testing equipment and games in more than 10 exhibition spaces, lectures, round tables and workshops, they will be able to have fun at sports activities and much more!

Celje Fair will host 8 tournaments with €13,000 in prize funds, fun activities for casual players and visitors with a wide range of exhibitors and a rich content program.

We look forward to supporting Cyberwolves at this prestigious event and hope they achieve impressive results!