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Delivery times vary by carrier, so we cannot commit to the delivery date on their behalf. After your order is prepared by our logistics center, the package is entrusted to the selected carrier. At that time, you will receive a confirmation of the shipment via email containing the tracking number of your package. Any complaint regarding delivery must be addressed to the carrier. However, our customer service remains at your disposal to assist you as needed. Orders placed on Friday after 11 a.m. will be shipped on the following Monday.

  1. Preparation: Your order is prepared by our logistics team. It has not yet been handed over to the carrier.
  2. Delivery: Packages are sent at 3 p.m. Your order has been entrusted to the carrier and is in transit.
  3. Package tracking: Your order has been shipped and is now on its way to you. Please track the status of the package online.
  4. In case of delay: In case of delays or questions regarding delivery, first check the tracking of your package using the tracking number provided in the e-mail confirming the shipment of your order.

Prices and deadlines

Same-day shipments are only valid for orders until 11am.

Usual delivery time: 24 hours.

Package tracking

As soon as your package is picked up by the carrier network, you can track your package on the A2B page at any time.