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DRX Underdog Story and Path to Worlds Semifinals

T1 included a few lengthy, challenging matches, but the final score was still an astounding 3-0 against RNG. 

The shortest battle between their countrymen DRX and China’s Edward Gaming lasted for about 35 minutes, and that was the first game in which DRX lost. However, DRX had a lot harder struggle than Edward Gaming.

While EDG quietly powered up and was nearly unbeatable in team fights, DRX quietly ramped up and spent Game 1 cleaning up on objectives. Two members of DRX attempted a cunning top lane base dive, but it was in vain as EDG swept them away and claimed the opening victory. Even though they weren’t by any means clean triumphs, EDG won the first two games of the series.


Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-top kyu’s lane base rush during a team fight in the Baron pit in Game 2 will go down in history. EDG committed to the Baron, giving Deft plenty of space to win the game while taking out towers himself. With only a tiny bit of health remaining on the Nexus, Deft was forced back by EDG, as it seems out of nowhere, materialized. The game would have been won if Deft had persevered for one more auto-attack. EDG, on the other hand, won the game in the end.

To remain in the race from this point on, DRX had to win every game played before them. After losing Game 2 and coming so close to winning, the team may have been excused for feeling a little broken. But if they were, it wasn’t evident. DRX stayed strong in this match, completing objectives and maintaining a close kill count, and Deft had an opportunity to prove himself with a late-game base push with two of his teammates to secure a critical first victory. Deft has a happy birthday, indeed.

Zeka delivered an incredible performance in his first-ever Worlds appearance, which kept EDG on their toes the entire time. Even in a crucial 5v4 in the Dragon Pit, when he pulled up an excellent quadra kill, earned an EDG ace in the process, and drove his team to triumph in a genuinely historic reverse sweep, his exceptional talents helped turn the tide. Zeka was, in fact, the real MVP of the game.

After such a dramatic comeback, DRX will feel very confident and need it against fellow South Korean team Gen.G in the semi-finals. Gen.G entered Worlds 2022 as the League of Legends Champions, Korea’s top seed. But DRX will undoubtedly fancy their chances in the upcoming fight with someone like Zeka on their side.