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Attention all League of Legends players!

Join us for an exciting opportunity to showcase your League of Legends skills! 

We at Ankora Gaming, the first-ever professional esports organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are looking for talented players to participate in our upcoming community matches.

The event will take place on
Wednesday, March 22nd 2023 at 20:00, and we are looking for 5 players to join this exciting event.

Applicants have the choice to apply as a solo player or a team (up to 3 players). This is a great chance for you to learn new tactics, improve your skills, connect with Ankora Gaming professional players, and most importantly, have fun!

And, as a reward for your outstanding performance, you will also have the opportunity to win gaming equipment. 

There are no restrictions on age, gender or location of residence to apply. Simply fill out the application form
by March 20th 23:59 and meet the only condition – join our official Discord server and stay updated on the latest news!