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Legendary T1 mid-laner Faker is the most resilient League of Legends player in one-on-one battles. Faker chose to engage in a fight with JD Gaming’s top laner 369 in Worlds 2022 semifinal matchup, narrowly winning it.


Although 369 used Renekton’s Dominus (R) to increase his health at the beginning of the battle, Faker countered using his Ryze combination to win the one-vs-one by the thinnest of margins.


The use of Ignite by Faker at the beginning of the one-on-one battle made all the difference because it did extra damage to knock down the JDG top laner while also preventing him from benefiting fully from Renekton’s passive lifesteal.


Faker was then pursued by JDG’s bottom lane duo of Hope and Missing, who attempted to respond to the solo kill with a trade of their own after his duel with 369. But when they pursued Faker, he barely escaped their sight line and hid in nearby shrubbery. To his dismay, Faker was still moving towards JDG’s side of the map, which meant that if he wanted to return to his fountain, he would have to turn around and go the other way.

Faker instantly reacted and teleported out of the brush and back into the lane, but this time in the proper direction, using Ryze’s ultimate Realm Warp (R). After the Realm Warp, Hope and Missing were in the middle of their pursuit when they realized they were too far away from Faker to continue. They were forced to permit him to Recall back to base safely.


A few minutes later, Faker and T1 defeated JDG in the series’ third game.