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Presenting our captain – Mirnes Jahic (Astro)

Today we are presenting the captain of Ankora Gaming, our very own Mirnes Jahic – Astro!

Mirnes has been here since the beginning, ever since the team was still under the name “49% Winrate”, team he was one of the founders of.

Today, he is the only remaining player from the original roster and currently plays the role of the ADC.

Mirnes has been playing LoL leisurely since 2012 and started competing in 2017. Since then, he has achieved some impressive results, most notably:

2nd place National eSport League of BiH 2019

1st place – Connect Arena “Warmup” 2019

1st place – Connect Arena League 2020

1st place – National eSport League of BiH 2020

1st place – Fortuna Junior Cup 2021

Reroot Gaming League 2021 – top 8

Kuvo Legends 2021 – 2nd place

LoL Adria League 2021 – 3rd place

Despite the fact there was no official MVP announcement, Azzap and Sa1na presented Mirnes with the title of the MVP of the final match against Swordfish at the 2020 NEL BiH.


According to Mirnes, the primary plan is to loosen up a bit with the two new players that are coming into the team. As captain, he wants to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable: “I hope that we can establish a friendly relationship as soon as possible, because I think that our team works best when we are all very close.”

Aside from that, he wants to continue with streaming, online tournaments, and team reviews after games. Being the captain of the team, Mirnes understands that frequent conversations with all the players, especially with two new teammates are incredibly important: “I want to make sure that everything is okay and that if there is something that is holding someone back, that we can solve it as soon as possible. I don’t want anyone to be afraid to express their opinion about anything that concerns the team and the atmosphere in the team.”