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In this post, we are introducing our very own Uros Nikolic – also known as “Uroskg” among LoL fans.

Uros has been playing LoL leisurely since 2012. In 2018, however, he decided to start playing competitively. He’s currently playing the role of Jungle in Ankora Gaming. When asked, “Why this role in particular? What’s so special about it?”, he answered: 

“I was a support main in seasons 3 and 4 and it was interesting for me to go with the jungler and make plays. Then, I wondered why I wouldn’t try the jungle role because it is very interesting. So in season 5 I played a bit of jungle and a bit of support, while in season 6 I discovered my hero and started to play only him in the jungle – that hero was Zac. I was doing really well with Zac so I stayed in the jungle. Many people wonder why Zac? Simply, when it was the hardest, Zac somehow got into my champion pool and that’s when I started climbing dangerously, it was really fun.”

Uros has achieved some impressive results in the relatively short time of playing LoL competitively. Some of his most notable successes include:

  • 1st place at the Fortuna Junior Cup 2021,
  • 1st place at Klikcon 2022,
  • 2nd place at Connect Arena League 2020,
  • 2nd place at Kuvo Legends 2021,
  • 3rd place at LoL Adria League 2021, and
  • Top 8 at Reroot Gaming League 2021.

Before the team became known as Ankora Gaming, Uros played NELs against the team 49% Winrate. According to him, “When they beat us in NELs, as well as in the tournaments against them, I was performing quite well, so they offered me to be their new jungler.” “I liked that idea and from then on, I started playing for them.” 

When it comes to the plans for the team, Uros believes that this project should go in the direction of winning the EBL and placing at the EU Masters: “The plan is to improve individually and as a team, so that we are ready to play with EBL teams and to be one of the best in the EBL, as well as to qualify for the EU Masters.”

Uros’ advice for all players is ultimately to just play and never give up, to be sure of themselves – even if it doesn’t work out and if they lose games, to never give up. “You might discover your hero at any moment. When the player discovers his hero, he will start to shine and dominate the summoner’s rift with victories, and as result LoL as a game will become much more interesting.”