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PRESENTING OUR mid laner – Filip Tancik (Funja)

Today we are presenting the mid-laner of Ankora Gaming, our very own Filip Tancik (Funja). Filip has been here since the beginning since the team was still under the name “49% Winrate. He has been playing LoL leisurely since 2013 and started competing in 2019. 


Since then, he has achieved some impressive results, most notably:


Fortuna Junior Cup 2021 – 1st place

Reroot Gaming League 2021 – top 8

Kuvo Legends 2021 – 2nd place

LoL Adria League 2021 – 3rd place

Klikcon 2022 – 1st place

LBC Summer Challenge 2022 – 1st place


Why carry role?


Since playing League of Legends, I have liked the carry roles the most. I was an adc main in the first three seasons, but I liked to play mid-heroes like Zed and LeBlanc. I liked that I am not dependent so much on support as adc position and felt I had more control as a mid-laner in the game.


If you want to main mid, look to play constantly 2 or 3 heroes of your choice until you perfect them.


There are different types of heroes in mid (AP or AD assassins, control mage, poke mage, burst mage). We mostly see AP heroes in mid, but in some cases, we also see AD heroes when we need them because I climbed with them the most. 


About the future of Ankora Gaming


I am pretty satisfied with how we are going, and if we continue to work, we have great potential. Our main goal is to be a top 4 team at the EBL and, soon, to go to the EU Masters.