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Rekkles is supposedly returning to the LEC with the team with which he began his career: Fnatic, after spending a year with G2 and a year outside the LEC with Kcorp.

One of the most accomplished ADC players in the West is Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. Rekkles brought Fnatic a great deal of success on the domestic and international scene over his five years with the squad.

His participation in the World Championship finals in 2018 and 2015 and his podium finish—almost every regular season run for this player ended with him taking third place or better—are among his finest accomplishments.

However, he quit the squad and joined G2 for Worlds 2021 after Top Esports reverse-swept Fnatic.

Rekkles will reportedly be flying the Fnatic flag once more for his return to the LEC in 2023 after spending the last two years with various teams.

According to reports, Rekkles rejoins Fnatic for LEC 2023.

Since Rekkles switched from Fnatic to G2 in 2021, a lot has occurred. By no means was his time with the squad a failure, but he wasn’t leading the LEC. The renowned bot laner finished third in the Spring Playoffs, almost missing out on Worlds in Summer 2021. He wasn’t ineffective, but he didn’t elevate G2 to the top squad in the world.

This ultimately resulted in G2 benching him, marking the beginning of contract buyouts’ problems.

On stream, Rekkles spoke at length about his time working with G2 and Kcorp.

And after being benched by G2, Rekkles claims that he only received 6% of his income. After his contract buyout was reduced, he went to Kcorp, knowing that he “had to quit G2.” His tenure with Kcorp came to a painful end when he was eliminated early from the LFL Summer Playoffs.

Rekkles was considering a role swap to support if it would get him on a good LEC team after his season in the LFL. Rekkles will reportedly rejoin Fnatic as their ADC, according to early sources.

This news comes after a personal story saga of Rekkles’ contract disputes with G2. He said that in addition to the significantly reduced pay he mentioned on broadcast, Kcorp had also put a buyout on Rekkles’ contract.

It’s “not as simple as just going to any team,” he remarked. Even though I currently have several possibilities, the buyout situation from last year and this year is a significant issue for everything.

It’s even more likely that Rekkles will join Fnatic now that the team’s current ADC, Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp, has claimed he’s been left without a team for 2023.

Not many organizations have the money to take a chance on Rekkles and pay to buy him out of his contract. However, Fnatic is one of those teams, and if these early rumors are accurate, it will bring this top ADC player back on the squad he had such success with.