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Seasonal Preview for 2023

Tomorrow, preseason 2023 modifications will start to appear on PBE! We wanted to review every change coming to PBE over the following weeks with you before they go live. We’re releasing them a little early this year to give us time to test improvements and get your input. So, be sure to get those games in—there are many games to try out!

Housekeeping note: As we continue to test features during PBE, expect changes to things like iconography, item and effect names, visual and sound products, stat values, and more, as they will likely be in an early stage when you first encounter them. This preview page won’t be changed after publication, barring major table flips. The final information will be included in the patch notes when released.

Chemtech’s Comeback 


This preseason, Chemtech Drake will return with a new physique and spirit! 

When killed, Chemtech Drake will now give a modest boost to the tenacity and heal/shield strength. 

When at a particular health level, Chemtech Soul will do additional damage.

The Rift will adopt a new Chemtech-inspired aesthetic with Zaunite chemicals and mutated jungle vegetation that have improved effects to go along with the Chemtech Drake. 

Honey Fruits will evolve into Stim Fruits, no longer slowing champions who devour them and offering a modest additional shield in addition to the regular heal. Blast Cones will now blast individuals in range twice as far as before.

Stalker’s Bloom will evolve from Scryer’s Bloom. These plants now show a small circular region around them and a cone in the opposite direction of the impact, providing movement speed to exposed enemy champions and lowering the health of revealed wards to one.

Improved Jungles 

Jungle pets and Avatar Smites. 

By acquiring one of these jungle pets in-game as an egg, you can avoid the dangers of the forest and the dangers of traveling there alone. As the game goes, these pets will gradually accumulate “treats” from monster kills, aiding their evolution. Once they have evolved, pets will grant their owners bonuses for their avatars, giving them access to new powers.

The Noxian Embercat* will be the preferred pet for junglers who want to play more forcefully. It will offer extra damage and slow. 

Ixtali Ixamander*: If you want to frontline and tank for your team, this is the jungle pet for you. Depending on your health, it will offer a shield that, when destroyed, will grant bonus slow resistance and tenacity. 

Ionian Cloudleaper*: For junglers who want to spin and move over the map faster, this pet is fantastic. There will be an increase in movement speed.

Range Indicators Leashing 

You no longer need to stand on the ideal pixel to maximize your jungle clears. Instead, we’re reducing the distance camps can be pulled. We’ll be adding visual leashing indicators highlighting how far camps may be pushed before their patience wanes to make the jungle more hospitable to players inexperienced with the role.

Suitable Jungle Routes 

Recommendations for jungle paths for each champion are another feature we have to make the jungle more approachable. The first clear paths were discovered by compiling information from highly experienced junglers on their high-mastery champs worldwide. Each patch will include new pathing suggestions based on the routes these players took to win the most battles.

Tools for Communication 

At its essence, Updated Ping Wheel League is a cooperative game. The amount of pings available to players is doubled to improve teammate communication. Following will be the 8 pings on the wheel:

Assist Me, Enemy, Retreat, On My Way, Returning Pings (clockwise) Missing New Pings All-In, Push, Hold, Bait.

Unbiased voting 

It can be challenging to convince your team to accept an objective. Having everyone ping On My Way if they can compete or Retreat if they can’t become very confusing. A new voting feature that works like a surrender vote will be introduced when goals are pinged. All participants can vote whether they want to accept or reject that objective.

Inactive Pings 

The last communication modification we have for you is a minor QoE improvement that will show an off-screen ping’s direction on the edge of your screen to let you know where it came from. While Retreat, On My Way, Assist Me, Hold, All-In, and Push pings will only be displayed if they are pinged within 3000 units of your screen’s edge (roughly corner to corner of your screen when fully zoomed out or 20 Teemo), enemy missing pings will always appear on your screen regardless of where they are pinged on the map.

Revised Vision Systems 

Ward Tracking Allied 

There are currently ways to check how many wards you have deployed. Still, there is no simple way to determine which wards are about to expire without painstakingly going through every ward that has been deployed. On the minimap, we’re adding new ward images showing when wards are about to expire. When wards have 60 and 30 seconds left before they expire, they will change their look.

Timers for enemy wards 

It can be challenging to keep track of every ward added to the map, and it can be even more challenging to effectively share that information with your teammates. The enemy ward timer will now display until it is removed or expires if you ping one that you witnessed them set during the previous 10 seconds.

Advice on Loadout and Abilities 

Recommended Summoner Spells and Rune Pages 

We’re also delighted to include optional recommended summoner spells and rune pages to the champ choose menu. Once you’ve locked in your champion, you’ll see a recommended runes button to the left of the edit rune pages button. Up to 3 rune and summoner spell settings will be visible when you open this interface, from which you can choose one to utilize in-game. You can anticipate learning more about this system later in the preseason since it is still being adjusted.

Recommendable Skills 

Additionally, we assist players in-game by suggesting ability level-ups for them. These, like the above, will be changed once a patch based on what is currently ideal and will show which skills are commonly ranked higher at each level.

The top lanes 

Additionally, we’ll be making some changes to speed up the scaling and leveling of top laners compared to mid and bot. The following modifications will take place: 

Solo Lane Experience: Minions will now grant solo lanes with a 95% experience multiplier (up from 93%).

Mid Lane Gold Changes: Before 14 minutes when last hit, all mid-lane-produced minions will now be worth one less gold. Duo Lane Experience: Duo lanes will now receive a 22% additional experience multiplier (formerly 24.73%) (previously, only cannon minions were worth less gold, but were worth 10 less gold)


Updated and New Items 

In this preseason, we’re releasing 12 new or improved goods! Please be aware that while on PBE, item stats, effects, and even names are subject to change.

Icathia’s Fortitude (Mythic Item) 

Health 400 

30 Armor, 30 Resistance to Magic 

Ability 20 Haste 

In champion battle, you can gain a stack of Voidborn Resilience for every second, up to a maximum of 10, which grants 3 Armor and Magic Resist. Upon reaching maximum stacks, you will become empowered, quickly draining all opponents in your immediate vicinity for 4% of your maximum health each (down to 1% versus minions and monsters) and doubling your resistance from stacks until the end of combat (60-second cooldown). 

Magical Passive and all other legendary items are given 5 Magic and Armor Resist.

(Mythic Item) Radiant Virtue 400 Health 

30 Armor, 30 Magic Resistance, and 20 Haste Ability 

Guiding Light: After using your ultimate, you Transcend for 9 seconds, boosting your maximum health by 10%. While transcended, you get 25 non-ultimate Ability Haste and allies in your 1200 range. Additionally, you and your allies will receive a 1.5% increase in health up to 100% depending on the champion’s lost health every three seconds. Your own healing powers are doubled (90-second cooldown). 

Grants all other Legendary goods as a Mythic Passive. 100 Wellness. 

Goliath’s Infernal (Mythic Item) 

Phone Health 

Base Health Regeneration of 200% 

Ability 20 Haste 

Massive Consumption While within 600 range of a champion, build up a potent attack against them over three seconds. The charged strike drains the victim while healing you for the same amount and dealing 50 + 10% of your maximum health in additional physical damage. 30% of the drain’s full health is added to your total health forever (note: Maximum health will be lost if the item is sold). 

Magical Passive and all other legendary items are given a 6% champion size and a 1% improvement in health.

Age of the Rod (Mythic Item) 

60 Power Ability 

300 Mana and 300 Health 

Every minute, up to ten times, this item gains 20 life, 20 mana, and 4 ability power for 200 health, 200 mana, and 40 ability power. Gain a level once you’ve used all your stacks (Note: the level cap will remain at 18). 

Grants all other Legendary goods as a Mythic Passive. 4 Capability Speed

Catalyst of Aeons has 300 Mana and 225 Health. 

Restores health equal to 20% of mana used and mana equal to 15% of champion-inflicted damage, up to 15 health per cast with Eternity. Only fifteen points of health can be restored every second by toggled abilities. 

Abyssal Mask has 500 health, 300 mana, 40 magic resistance, and 10 quickness.

Restores health equal to 20% of mana used and mana equal to 15% of champion-inflicted damage, up to 15 health per cast with Eternity. Only fifteen points of health can be restored every second by toggled abilities. 

Curse enemy champions in the area to lower their Magic Resist by 5 and their bonus health by 1.5%. (maximum of 25). Gain 9 Magic Resist for each enemy with the Curse. 

Only one adversary can curse a champion at once (prioritizing the most potent Curse)

Solar Aegis (No longer a Mythic Item) 

50 Armor and 400 Health Immolate: You start dealing 15 (+ 1.75% of bonus health) magic damage (increasing by 25% against minions and 150% against jungle monsters) to nearby opponents as soon as you take damage or deal damage. This effect lasts for three seconds. This effect builds a stack, increasing subsequent Immolate damage by 10% for 5 seconds after harming champions or epic jungle creatures (6 stacks maximum).

Turbo Chemtank: 450 Health, 50 Magic Resistance, 10 Ability (No Longer a Mythic Item Activating supercharged Haste: lasting four seconds, increases movement speed by 40% in the direction of foes or foe turrets. A shockwave is emitted once near an enemy (or after 4 seconds) that slows nearby champions by 40% for 1.5 seconds (90-second cooldown).

Humility: For 2 seconds, Randuin’s Omen, which has 400 health and 70 armor, temporarily slows foes by 55%. (60-second cooldown) 

Hard as Rock: Reduce incoming damage from attacks by up to 5 (plus 0.35 percent of your maximum health), with a cap of 40 percent of the attack’s damage. 

Critical Resilience: You take 20% less damage from critical strikes.

165 Attack Damage, 300 Health, 20 Spear of Shojin. Your non-ultimate spells get (6 + 10% bonus AD for melee champions / 4 + 6% bonus AD for ranged champions) with the ability Haste Dragonforce. Reduced to (3 + 5% of bonus AD for melee champions and 42+ 3% of bonus AD for ranged champions) for the ability Haste. Speed for spells that immobilize people 

Gain up to (15% for melee champions and 10% for ranged champions) with increased movement speed determined by your health deficit (maximum when under 33% health). 

65 attack damage from the Ravenous Hydra 

20 Ability Omnivamp 9% Haste 

Cleave: Within 350 units of the target hit, attacks and abilities cause enemy foes to suffer physical damage (60% for melee champions and 30% for ranged champions). 

When you kill an enemy, you gain 0.5 AD and 0.1% Omnivamp. This stacks up to 25 AD and 5% omnivamp. 50% of these stacks are lost upon death.

Each target can only be hit once every ten seconds with an attack or ability. Structures do not cause cleave to activate. 

The Preseason 2023 PBE preview is now complete. We look forward to seeing how you use these tools to raise your game’s difficulty and what exciting things you learn when making these adjustments to the test. We appreciate your time and hope to see you on the Rift soon.