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TES eliminated from Worlds 2022 due to bug

Vandril, the in-house bug hunter for League of Legends, has been busy hunting out bugs during Worlds 2022 competition this year. He has learned that Top Esports most likely lost against GAM because of a glitch.

Top Esports entered their group as a firm favorite. During the Summer Playoffs, they challenged JDG to five games, demonstrating just how formidable they are when they are at their best.

In their first three games, they were, though, going 1-2. Even though they defeated Rogue and DRX, the two teams who advanced out of the group, a loss to GAM eliminated them from consideration for Worlds 2022.

After some research by Vandril, it has been determined that a glitch in the item Maw of Malmortius is most likely to blame for Top Esports’ defeat to GAM Esports.

Top Esports were possibly eliminated because of an in-game bug.

The year 2022 features a lot of bugs. Due to a visual glitch in her ultimate, which Vandril also made public, Orianna was temporarily blocked. This was done while waiting for a patch to correct the problem. 

It appears that Maw of Malmortius’ malfunction apparently robbed Top Esports of their chance to compete in the Worlds in 2022. Due to their defeat against GAM Esports, this squad experienced a fantastic comeback, but it wasn’t enough to keep them in the competition.

With GAM’s Nexus holding on with just a sliver of HP, the game’s conclusion was suspenseful. Levi’s damage from the Karthus ult provided GAM just enough strength to turn the fight around after Kiaya forced the hero to play in such a way as to delay Top Esports on his own.

However, Lucian carried a weapon known as the Maw of Malmortius that protects against magic harm. The item’s passive had popped off cooldown, but it didn’t protect him from damage.

Vandril stated that it was “extremely probable” that Top Esports would have had just enough damage to win the match, even though there is no assurance that they would have won without Lucian.

He continued by demonstrating how Lucian should have been damaged and how Maw’s passive barrier against Karthus should have seemed to have worked. That, together with the Omnivamp provided by Maw of Malmortius’ passive shield popping, would have done much to keep JackeyLove alive.

The fact that Top Esports withdrew from the competition devastated its players, with its support player, Mark, declaring that he was probably “going to retire” due to their defeat.

Top Esports never got the chance to demonstrate that they would have won the tiebreaker to advance to the Quarterfinals, while there is no guarantee of that. Even if the item had been functional, there is no assurance that they would have prevailed; we are unlikely to find out.