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Top 6 ARAM Tips

To win a game of Summoner’s Rift or Howling Abyss, teams must destroy the opponent’s Nexus. Despite the fact that both game types have the same win condition, they need very different strategies to win. In this article, we’ll go over several key ARAM-specific tips and strategies that can help you win more ARAM games right away.


Not all champions are made equal in ARAM. Despite recent attempts to balance the game style, certain champions remain much stronger than others.

There are two important considerations to keep in mind: First things first, think about your team’s makeup. Even a squad of five S+ rank Marksmen will struggle against a well-balanced team. You’ll want to make sure your squad has consistent damage, a strong frontline, and, ideally, a supportive member who can heal, protect, or buff them up. Additionally, you should always prioritize selecting champions with whom you are familiar. If you’ve never played Yasuo before, there’s no purpose in playing the S+ tier champion. My tier list implies that all champions have the same skill level. Playing your F-tier main over a S+ tier champion you’ve never played before is nearly always a superior decision.


The randomized champion selection in ARAM is a huge part of what makes the mode so enjoyable. You could receive your main, but more often than not, you’ll get a champion you’re unfamiliar with or have never played before. Use your Rerolls to guarantee that you and your teammates operate champions that will offer you the best chance of winning.

Rerolls allow you another chance to receive a random champion while also dumping your current champion into the pool for other players to choose from. You will always earn enough “ARAM credit” after games if you possess enough champions in League of Legends, 122 to be exact, to ensure that you always have a reroll in selecting champions. Regardless, if you have a reroll, you should typically use it. Data suggests that the more rerolls a team uses, the higher their projected victory percentage becomes, according to intricate calculations done by ARAM Academy.

Rerolls, on average, boost your team’s chances of getting champions with a higher ARAM victory rate. You also boost your chances of getting a champion on which you or a teammate score well. After the initial reroll, the value of each subsequent reroll decreases, therefore it’s critical that your team employ at least a couple of rerolls to enhance your odds. The average victory rate increases very little after you’ve utilized 5 collective rerolls as a team. If you’re content with your champion and your team has already used a lot of rerolls, you can absolutely conserve your rerolls.


In ARAM, the items are largely unchanged. The only substantial change to the item system is the introduction of special ARAM-only goods, aside from a few exclusions like Dark Seal and Support items. The Guardian things are one-of-a-kind items that work similarly to the Doran’s goods in Summoner’s Rift. They are extremely gold-efficient equipment that should be purchased at the start of the game.

The Guardian Items are fantastic. They are not only the most gold-efficient items in ARAM, but some of League of Legends’ most gold-efficient equipment, too. Determining how efficient an item is measured through gold efficiency, which is essentially a percentage that compares item stats to gold cost.  To put it another way, gold-efficient items provide your champion with more stats than they cost in gold.



Guardian’s Blade has a gold efficiency of 195%. In the game mode, this is the highest score. On Summoner’s Rift, only Support items can beat it.

184% for Guardian’s Hammer, placing it just behind Guardian’s Blade.

134% for the Guardian’s Orb. Only a fully stacked Seraph’s Embrace can beat it.

118% for the Guardian’s Horn. Despite being the lowest, this percentage is distorted since it cannot account for the item’s damage mitigation impact because that metric has no gold value in-game. This device is actually worth a lot more than its efficiency rating.

Aside from just raw power, Guardian goods have other advantages. Each item is a “Legendary Item,” which means it contributes to your Mythic Item’s passive benefit. If you choose to begin the game with a Guardian item, you will receive your Mythic item’s Mythic passive as soon as you complete the game. Guardian products shouldn’t be overlooked because of their many advantages. Guardian’s Horn and Tear should be built by nearly every tank in the game to begin spamming abilities and tanking opponent poke damage. On Marksmen and Assassins, respectively, Hammer and Blade are particularly effective. Due of Lost Chapter’s comparable nature, Orb is perhaps the only item you can normally forgo, but it may still be useful on certain champions.

Although there is certainly a trade-off when acquiring these items because they impede your other completed items, their unrivaled early-game potential is difficult to overlook. They may also be simply sold off once you complete your builds later in the game. Guardian items aren’t required for every single champion, but they should be considered for the majority.


 Riot decided to gift players some Poro-Snax as a result of the charming inclusion of Poros to Howling Abyss!

Except for Braum, all champions in the game start with one Poro-Snax in their trinket slot.


The Guardian goods aren’t the only ARAM-exclusive things. Riot decided to gift players some Poro-Snax as a result of the charming inclusion of Poros to Howling Abyss!

Except for Braum, all champions in the game start with one Poro-Snax in their trinket slot. Each player receives another of these sweets once their team destroys their first turret. Poro-Snax are used to feed the numerous Poros that may be found across the map. Each time a Poro is fed, it grows in size somewhat. When the Poro is fed enough times, it explodes and produces a swarm of little Poros. Braum is the only champion who has two Poro Snax at the start of the game. Feeding a Poro as Braum results in a ridiculously thick mustache as well as a larger Poro.

Feeding Poros has an influence on your ability to win the game, despite the fact that it is primarily just a fun little addition by the developers. Poros will follow you around until you feed them if you have a Poro-Snax in your inventory. Because the opponent can see the Poro waiting by your feet, the opponent may know if you are hidden in a bush. As a result, you must always remember to feed your Poro pals!


You’ll nearly never finish an ARAM game with 0 deaths. One of the most significant distinctions between ARAM and Summoner’s Rift is the dying aspect. A well-timed death in ARAM may be incredibly advantageous for your team, but dying in Solo Queue is almost never a positive thing. This is because the only way to purchase goods and fully recover your Health and Mana is to die — other than from game mechanics like using healing items, buying Life Steal, etc.)

It’s worth noting that dying in ARAM isn’t necessarily a positive thing. It’s possible that the other team will take your turrets, inhibitor, and Nexus. So, how can you ensure that you die at the appropriate time? Certain champions, on the other hand, have an inherent tendency to perish in teamfights. Even if they perform well for their team in a fight, Tanks and Bruisers are prone to absorbing a lot of damage and can perish. If you are one of these champions and you dive into the opposing team and find yourself low on Health, it’s not worth it to Flash out to safety when you have no method of regaining your Health. It’s a better option to die, purchase your items, and then respawn with full Health and Mana.

Aside from these situations, you usually want to die in instances when you really need to buy items and are losing ground to your opponent’s power level. It may be quite helpful to die to the opponent’s turrets when your team has pushed as far as possible after winning a teamfight. Dying allows you to recover after the fight and purchase equipment with the gold you earned through kills and assists, even if you are unable to execute.  Because your opponent will have purchased all new items while they were dead, in an attempt to keep up, it is wise for you to purchase items as well. This way, you will have more gold than the opposing team since you will die after winning a battle.

You also don’t want to die without doing any harm or capturing the opponent. You leave your team exposed to being aced in a mismatched teamfight if you merely kill randomly without affecting the opposition team. Last but not least, make sure you don’t perish when you’re alone. You could be the only thing keeping the opposition team from destroying your turrets and putting an end to the game.


Kills aren’t everything in ARAM, just like they aren’t in Summoner’s Rift. You’d be incorrect if you thought Howling Abyss didn’t feature classic goals like the Dragons or Baron Nashors of Summoner’s Rift. Turrets, inhibitors, and minions are the key goals of ARAM. In ARAM, your team’s ability to do damage to turrets and push your advantage down the lane is crucial to victory. It’s pointless to get kills if you can’t turn them into turret damage.

It’s all about momentum in ARAM. Because they put all of the pressure on the other team, the team who eliminates the first turret and the first inhibitor has a huge advantage. When the opposition team is pushed back into their base or under the threat of Super Minions, pushing down the lane is extremely tough. To relieve strain on your team, you should always pay attention to the minion wave and give wave clear as necessary. If you want to have the best chance of winning, you must constantly do damage to your enemy’s turrets. It doesn’t matter if you have more kills than your enemy if you can’t reach the Nexus.



If you’ve made it this far, it’s reasonable to assume you’re a die-hard ARAM enthusiast. You’re interested in crushing your opponents in a gaming format that others would see as frivolous. Keep these six suggestions in mind, and you’ll be sure to increase your ARAM victory total!